Baglioni Hotel Marrakech



“The interior design project represents awareness of the place where it was created: Marrakech’s colours, shapes and culture make this experience exciting”

R+S Design, based in Milan, comes from the professional experience of its 2 founder architects, Igor Rebosio and Federico Spagnulo.

Despite its knowledge and experience covering the whole world of Architecture and Design, R+S Design is particularly focused on Interior Design projects for luxury mansions and hotels, both in Italy and abroad.

The attention to detail and the constant tension between contemporary and traditional, typical of the Interior Design projects made in Italy, are the main characteristic of R+S projects.

Places and materials always represent the starting point. Traditions and customer’s tastes and wishes are the finishing line.

Thanks to this approach, the style is shared on each new project, changing every time in a unique and custom made experience.

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