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When Excellence meets Excellence.

Our daily pursuit for excellence in every field leads us to guarantee to our valued guests the best service providing unforgettable experiences, thanks also to our relevant partners who share with us the passion for excellence.

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The Leading Hotels of the World 
When extraordinary and one-of-a-kind intersect, you have likely found a Leading Hotel. As the largest luxury hotel collection, with more than 430 of the world’s greatest properties in over 80 countries, we seek out the exceptional. From grand palaces to intimate city hideaways, all are utterly unique like the Baglioni Hotels in Milan, Venice, Rome and London, hotels member.


ReC1Relais & Châteaux
Relais & Châteaux is an association of the world’s finest hoteliers, chefs and restaurateurs that has set the standard for excellence in hospitality.  An high level of quality and excellence and passions for fine cuisine and Art de Vivre are the elements that distinguish the 500 hotels member, including the Baglioni Hotels of Florence, Punta Ala, Aix-en-Provence and Saint Paul de Vence.

constance_logo_webConstance Hotels & Resorts

Far from the idea of a “hotel chain”, Constance Hotels & Resorts share with us the epitome of a customized approach and passion for hospitality, providing unforgettable stay and unique experiences to our guests. To celebrate the launch of this new partnership, Baglioni Hotels and Constance Hotels & Resorts are delighted to offer special benefits to reciprocal loyal guests.



Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf
The Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf is the only 5 star luxury Hotel located in the Italian Dolomites, declared Unesco World heritage. This is the exact place where luxury and elegance blend with the relax of an unforgettable out-of-town trip. Whether you come for a ski dream holiday or a summer enchanted gateway, a stay at the Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf will kindle in its guests the desire to stay, the nostalgia of departure, and the certainty of returning.


Dream&Charme is an international luxury experiences and private villas lifestyle, offering to its demanding clients the unique opportunity to live unforgettable experiences in exclusive locations. Each bespoke experience is created for those who want to discover the essence of Italy, the peculiarities of the territory, impossible to find elsewhere.


For the design and constant renewal of Baglioni Hotels, we rely on the advice of experienced architects and designers who, in close collaboration with the Polito Family, implement ad hoc projects in line with the Baglioni Hotels style. One of our key partners is the Rebosio+Spagnulo Design studio, based in Milan, born of the professional experience of architects Igor Rebosio and Federico Spagnulo. Attention to detail and a constant tension between modernity and tradition, typical of the Italian approach to interior design, characterises the studio’s projects.


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