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Modigliani and the Artists of Montparnasse

Modigliani and the Artists of Montparnasse

21/02/2013 – 08/09/2013

An important show dedicated to Modigliani and the Artists of Montparnasse will take place at Palazzo Reale in Milan from 21 February to 8 September 2013, which follows the great artistic events in the Lombard capital.

More than 122 works are on display from the private collection of dealer Jonas Netter, including many paintings created by Modigliani at his Paris-based Montparnasse atelier in the early 20th century, a meeting place for artists like Soutine, Utrillo, Valadon, Kisling and many others like Krémègne, Kikoïne, Hayden, Ébiche, Antcher and Fournier.

A sort of “show within a show,” all these artists, particularly Soutine, are represented by their words, testimonials to the Bohemian style and great fervor that characterized the artistic and cultural scene in Paris at the start of the last century.
Palazzo Reale
Piazza Duomo 12
20122 Milan – I
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