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Caffè Baglioni

Following the recent re-design by the Milanese atelier, Rebosio+Spagnulo, the new Caffè Baglioni of Carlton Hotel Baglioni, Milan is even more a hub of design, art and fashion than ever before. Handmade craftsmanship has enhanced its design including the use of Murano glass chandeliers and unique detailing, such as the musical score taken from the work of Italian pianist and composer Daniele Lombardi beautifully displayed in copper yarn on the walls of the Caffè Baglioni.

From October 2013 Caffè Baglioni hosts “Design the Italian Excellence” exhibition project, curated by Vincenzo Basile from BasileArteco, exclusively for Baglioni Hotels.

Caffè Baglioni offers a wide range of cocktails, appetizers and light food that can be enjoyed in a warm and inviting atmosphere, or “al fresco” on the Baglioni Terrace. A well-known stopover for those working in Milan, Caffè Baglioni is the ideal place for small meeting and top-level appointments.

Opening hours:
7.00 – 1.00

For info:
Email: concierge.carltonmilano@baglionihotels.com | Ph. +39 02 770 77



Caffè Baglioni

Caffè Baglioni

Terrazza Baglioni

Baglioni Terrace


Milan Design Week 2014

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