Baglioni Hotel Marrakech

Baglioni Hotels – Guido Polito

Baglioni Hotels – Guido Polito

“Our properties are unique, more like a personal house than a hotel.”

With a reputation founded upon old world virtues of impeccable service, attention to detail and discretion, the family owned Baglioni Hotels is renowned for its quintessential Italian hospitality, architectural elegance and understated luxury.

Continuing a distinguished family legacy since succeeding their father, brothers Guido Polito and Luca Magni are restless in their pursuit of excellence and are dedicated to evolving the company into a more designconscious entity.

Guido is spearheading a bold new drive to integrate traditional core values with a progressive, contemporary design sensibility, to create first the Baglioni Hotel London and now The Baglioni Marrakech.

Owning and operating boutique 5 star hotels in some of the most prestigious locations in Europe and with a selection of hotels as members of The Leading Hotels of the World and part of the Relais & Chateaux portfolio in France, Baglioni Hotels is a leading light in the prestige boutique hotel industry.

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