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Il Baretto al Baglioni Restaurant

The Baretto al Baglioni is a legendary, historic restaurant in Milan, transferred from its original location on Via Sant’Andrea to its now illustrious “host”, the Baglioni Hotel Carlton.

It feels like being in an English club house at the beginning of the twentieth century, where businessmen take a break and converse amiably after the frenzy of business affairs in the City. This is the style of the Baretto: antique wooden friezes, elegant, typically British furnishing, paintings depicting hunting scenes and excursions on horseback through the English countryside.

The Baretto can host up to 75 people and offers light Milanese gastronomy with Mediterranean flavours: salads with bacon, Milanese cutlets, sautéed risottos and other delights.

The Baretto al Baglioni
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