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4-hands Dinner

4-hands Dinner

Don’t miss the special dinner organised by the Executive Chef Luciano Sarzi Sartori of Brunello Bar and Restaurant with the special participation of the Executive Chef Alberto Rossetti of Canova Restaurant in Venice.
Chef Luciano Sarzi Sartori has been leading the kitchen brigade of Brunello Bar and Restaurant, the famous restaurant at Baglioni Hotel Regina in Rome since 2009, offering a cuisine in typical Mediterranean style, that combines originality and tradition in an elegant way.
Chef Alberto Rossetti loves pasta and risotto and thinks that even the simplest dishes can be sophisticated, if created with passion.
The idea of proposing a special dinner in collaboration with our Chefs comes from the will to create a synergy between them who have created a unique menu that will be served Saturday 13th May at the Brunello Bar and Restaurant.

For info and reservations:
ph.  +39 06 94802424

Download the special dinner menu:

4-hands Dinner – Brunello Restaurant