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Pollock and the irascible

Pollock and the irascible

“American Autum” of the Palazzo Reale opens with an exhibition dedicated to ‘Pollock and the Irascible’.

From September 24 to 16 February, the museum houses paintings of Jackson Pollock  and those of distinguished colleagues as de Kooning, Rothko and Kline.

The exhibition consists of over 49 masterpieces from the Whitney Museum in New York, and will continue with the opening of a major monograph devoted to Andy Warhol at the end of October.

The undisputed star of the exhibition “Pollock and the Irascible” is the work of Pollock Number 27, perhaps his most famous painting, as well as outstanding loan, given the delicacy and fragility of this oil, in addition to its extraordinary size – about three feet length.

For more information:
Palazzo Reale, Milan (only 5 mins far from the hotel)
Piazza del Duomo, 12
20121 Milan

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