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Meet our Chef Ivan Simeoli

Italian-born chef Ivan Simeoli uses innovative techniques to put a fresh, artistic twist on traditional Italian classics, innovating Italian heritage food with keen attention at vegetarian food from the local producers.

Ivan has a strong interest in creating and developing innovative cooking techniques from which he can pursue the creation of original and healthy dishes. In the new experience at Osteria60 all local produce are not just be sourced and scrutinised at length; he has a keen and active involvement in its development. The Chef’s relationship with suppliers allows a strong input in how the produce is grown and by consulting with farmers Ivan and his team strive to avoid contaminating substances and pesticides too frequently used on large scale farms.

Cooking quote from Chef Ivan Simeoli about his new experience at Osteria60 at Baglioni Hotel London:

Healthy cooking is about maintaining the nutrition already evident in the raw food. It’s not about adopting vegetarianism or veganism and committing to a raw, organic diet; it’s the way we cook that impacts our health. The origins, calibre and temperature of our home-grown ingredients will be respected and nurtured when cooking, with only minimal handling and heat exposure applied. We will create innovative twists on the everyday components of food we love, substituting the fatty elements for healthier alternatives that are just as pleasure educing.

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