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Museo Galileo

Located in Florence in Piazza dei Giudici, Museo Galileo is just a few steps away from Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria.

Inaugurated in 2010, it houses the collections of the Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza. With its library, archives and multimedia, photo and restoration laboratories, it handles the important work of sharing our scientific heritage.

The permanent collection has great Italian and foreign mathematical and astronomic tools collected by various members of the Di Medici family and the Lorena tools, originally exhibited, starting in 1775, at the Museo di Fisica e Storia Naturale, founded by the Archduke Pietro Leopoldo of Lorena.

There are also several temporary exhibitions and shows focused on all aspects of science and its interaction with daily life.

Each weekend, there are special activities for families with interactive tours and workshops that let children and adults interact with the world of science.
Museo Galileo – Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza
Piazza dei Giudici 1
50122 Florence – I
Tel. +39 055 265 311

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