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Church of Saint Barnabé

Built in 1869 where the former chapel of Saint Magdalene once stood, the Church of Saint Barnabas lies in the center of Champillon-Epernay, in the region of Champagne-Ardenne.

The church is on voie de la Liberté (Liberty road) surrounded by flower beds of pleasantly scented lavender.

There is an altar within the church made out of wood in Louis 14th style, donated by Dom Perignon, and a canvas from the 1700s.

The tabernacle and the banner depicting the Virgin Mary, instead, date back to 1715.

The two niches carved into the facade enshrine two contemporary works by the local sculptor Corinne Mille, which depict the Virgin with Child and Saint Vincent.

Church of Saint Barnabé
51160 – Champillon-Epernay

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