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La Cloche à Fromage

La Cloche à Fromage (literally, the Cheese Board) is a boutique in the center of Epernay entirely dedicated to typical cheese varieties.

René Tourette, master dairyman and refiner, selects and refines the best products of the region, using local herbs, spices, and flavors, and bringing cheese to its highest organoleptic expression.

Here visitors will find over 100 types of cheeses coming mostly from the regions of France, but also from Switzerland and Italy.

La Cloche à Fromage organizes guided tasting tours and can on request prepare mixtures for raclettes and fondues or cheese plates to be tasted in the comfort of your home.

There are many other food & wine products, among which oils, jams, and sauces, natural spices and flavorings, cold cuts, wines, and spirits.

La Cloche à Fromage
19 rue Saint Thibaut
51200 Épernay – FRANCE
Tel. +33 3 26 55 30 18

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