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Pâtisserie Vincent Dallet

The Vincent Dallet Pastry Shop is found on the central rue Général Leclerc in Epernay.

For over 20 years nowthe master chocolate maker Vincent Dallet has daily been preparing his chocolate delights, using the best varieties of cocoa imported from Venezuela, Brazil, Santo Domingo, Cuba, the Ivory Coast, Tanzania, New Guinea, and other places of excellence.

In addition to the several varieties of chocolates and pralines, at the Pâtisserie Vincent Dallet visitors will find the classical macaroon, soft and dry pastries, cakes, and sweets, ice cream and sorbets.

All of which are prepared with only the finest biological ingredients, according to the rules of an ancient tradition that has known how to reinvent itself day after day to offer pastry creations that are always new and surprising.

It is no coincidence that Vincent Dallet is part of Les Etoilés de la Champagne (The Stars of Champagne), an exclusive association that gathers the best Chefs in Champagne Ardenne.

Pâtisserie Vincent Dallet
26 rue du Général Leclerc
51200 Épernay – FRANCE
Tel. +33 3 26 55 31 08

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