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Le Millesium

Not far from Epernay is the Le Millesium, a large multi-functional center that hosts all the main events held in the territory.

Shows and concerts, but also important trade fairs and sports events are hosted in this superbly equipped facility that can hold up to 8,000 persons.

There are several musicals and theater comedies on schedule in spring/summer 2012, classical music concenters and, on August 31st, the orchestra of André Rieu and his young musicians will be performing live here.

The Spring Showroom of Stamp Collections and the Showroom of Puppies and of pet animals are open in April, while in October it’s the turn of the Salon Viti Vini, which will be attended by 150 wine-producing companies from the region of Champagne.

Le Millesium
Avenue du Général Marguerite
51200 Epernay – FRANCE

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