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Restaurant Le Vieux Puits

The Restaurant Le Vieux Puits is found in Ay, a few kilometers out of Epernay.

Here, in a house typically decorated in champenoise style, Chef Eric Aubert offers guests a cuisine that he likes to define as“generous and authentic”, in a country-style and welcoming atmosphere that emanates the warm hospitality that is customary of this region.

The menu offers a selection of dishes from the territory, like the Burgundy Escargots Snails with Champignon mushrooms, the Terrine of Duck Foie Gras with croutons, the Grilled beef fillet with Béarnaise sauce and a side-dish of vegetables, and creative desserts like the Mango Minestrone soup, the Vanilla from Madagascar, and the pineapple sorbet with coconut biscuits.
Le Vieux Puits
Restaurant Le Vieux Puits
7, rue Jules Lobet -
51160 Ay – FRANCE
Tel + 3 26 56 96 53

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