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From July 6th until July 10th 2017 do not miss the spectacular exhibitions, events, openings, fashion shows and parties of Altaroma in Rome.

Altaroma’s concepts:

ATELIER, Is a hub of fashion shows and the presentations of couture houses, small ateliers, artisanal and tailoring establishments. It focuses on the promotion of ‘savoir faire’ intended as a means of fostering artisanal expertise and all forms of Made in Italian and international excellence.

FASHION HUB, is the section dedicated to talent scouting, training and the promotion of emerging talent. Individual fashion shows and exhibitions or collective shows, all having a common goal: the promotion of emerging talent.
IN TOWN, is the section of Altaroma’s calendar featuring a series of initiatives and events associated with fashion that take place in the city.

Discover it from the Baglioni Hotel Regina