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The Kilns in Murano

Just a few minutes by water taxi from Venice, the Island of Murano is known worldwide for its blown glass. The artisan Murano glass has a thousand-year old tradition. In 1295, the glassmakers in Venice, who had been active since before 1000, moved to Murano to avoid the risk of fire posed by their kilns.

Keeping all the glassblowers on the island also helped the Repubblica Serenissima protect the trade secrets of this art – so much so that the glassblowers could not leave the island nor could Venetians visit without a special permit.

Murano master glassblowers still use ancient glass blowing and hot moulding techniques. Most of the island’s glassblowers organize very interesting guided tours so visitors can see vases, glasses and glass artwork created in real time.  A fascinating, almost magical show, that is sure to delight the kids.


Consorzio Promovetro Murano
Calle Marco da Murano, 4
30141 Murano (VE) – I
Tel. +39 0415275074

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