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Natural History Museum

Easy to reach from the Santa Lucia railway Station in Venice, the Natural History Museum is located in the ancient building, the Fontego dei Turchi.

Full of interactive activities, the museum offers a modern and interesting exhibition, divided into different areas.

On the ground floor, there is the Gallery of Cetaceans, home to a finback and young sperm whale skeleton and a 5,000-litre aquarium that faithfully recreates the waters of the Northern Adriatic.

The first floor has fossils and focuses on palaeontology with a 7-metre dinosaur skeleton and the skull of a gigantic prehistoric crocodile.

The exhibit continues with relics and artefacts from the explorers that dedicated their lives to collection building and scientificMuseology. On the top floor, your journey ends with a high-tech and multimedia exhibition on biodiversity.

During the year, the Natural History Museum offers a full schedule of events for groups of children and families including fun and educational activities, games, shows and workshops.

Museo di Storia Naturale
Santa Croce 1730,
30135 Venice – I
Tel. +39 041 2750206
Fax +39 041 721000

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