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VizioVirtù Chocolate Shop

The VizioVirtù chocolate shop in Venice is located in Calle del Campaniel in the San Polo district and is run by the talented Mariangela Penzo.

The open workshop allows customers to see how these tiny delicacies are made while enveloped by the intense aroma of cocoa.

The pralines are truly irresistible; one in particular, named Juliette, is dedicated to the actress Juliette Binoche, who played the leading part in the film Chocolat, which inspired Mariangela to open this workshop-boutique, and who was the patroness on the day of the shop’s inauguration.

In addition to the range of pralines, VizioVirtù prepare dragées, bars, spreads, semifreddos, mousses and ice-creams as well a variety of hot chocolates on a daily basis.

Cioccolateria VizioVirtù
S. Polo 2898/A
30125 Venice - Italy
Tel. +39 041 2750149

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