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Circolo La Buona Forchetta

Just steps away from the Rialto, in the heart of Venice the Circolo La Buona Forchetta [The Merry Eaters Club] is a tiny family run trattoria.

Here typical dishes from the Veneto region may be had: Fegato alla Veneziana [Liver alla Veneziana], Trippe [Tripe], Pasta e Fagioli [Pasta and beans], and naturally excellent fish dishes, from hors d’oeuvres to Scampi in Busara.

Do not miss the classic Fritto Misto [Mixed Fish Fry] or the Stewed Cuttlefish.

The atmosphere is informal, and for foreigners, it might be a little difficult to make oneself understood. The best bet is to fall back on the Daily Special, which rarely disappoints.

There is seating for only 15 inside, so make your reservations early.
Circolo La Buona Forchetta
Sestiere San Polo, 1295
30125 Venice – Italy
Tel. +39 041 241 2048 ‎

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