Baglioni Hotel Luna

Meet our Chef Cosimo Giampaolo

Chef Cosimo Giampaolo, born in Puglia, southern Italy, has always been guided by the principles of authenticity and freshness, typical of his land.

Numerous and far the cities where he worked before coming in Venice: Moscow, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, London, Stuttgart, Podgorica. They are all human before work realities, which enabled him to learn a lot, both in technical terms and in terms of mental organization and practice organization of work.

For many years, Cosimo Giampaolo puts his expertise at the disposal of the Baglioni Hotel Luna in Venice, where he prepares delicious meals in the luxurious and sophisticated award-winning Canova Restaurant.

His professional history originated in Puglia where, at the young age of seven years, began to take confidence with the world of catering. The main inspiration, however, comes from the sea. The seafood is the cuisine, in fact, which he loves more, even if what he loves to leave to his employees is the ability to work in every department of the kitchen, never to be understood as “compartmentalized”, but as a place where everyone should know and master all the best go from appetizers to dessert with the utmost ease.

Each dish is an explosion of delicious cuisine, as the frittella, a typical dessert of Venitian Carnival, a recipe handed down from one of his former teachers, who made him promise not to reveal it to anyone, but pass this heritage to a single worthy heir. The fritella of the Chef Cosimo Giampaolo summarizes all the characteristics of its food: tasty, but above all light. When goodness meets naturality and safe sourcing of fresh daily ingredients, it’s precisely then that the Mediterranean cooking show at its best, with dishes that are not only good, but also healthy and wholesome.

This is the philosophy of the cosmopolitan Chef experience, but whose values are deeply tied to the Italian and to the art of eating well, values he transmits every day in what for him is not just a job, but a true passion

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