Baglioni Resort Cala del Porto

Reception options

Reception options

Baglioni Hotel Cala del Porto Staff will take care of each and every detail, from the sumptuous table settings to dish presentation and fitting out the venue.

Azure, ochre yellow and white colour combinations for the tablecloths and name cards, wooden centre-pieces decorated with starfish and precious shells and the expertise of our Chef who will present his best creations.

Select delicate seafood dishes and meat dishes, typical of inland Tuscany, are alternated to create your wedding menu.

And the wedding cake will match the rest of the setting, with colours and decorative elements evocative of the marine theme.

For those opting for a wedding dinner, why not end the evening with a romantic dance on the beach, caressed by the waves of the sea?

Visual, taste and olfactory details, set against the sweet sound of the sea.

The Chef will gladly assist you in creating your preferred menu.

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