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Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia

The park encompasses various parts of the Etruscan city of Populonia within its 80 hectares, including the acropolis, the temples, the spas and the necropolises of San Cerbone and Casone le Grotte, the medieval Monastero of San Quirico and the calcarenite quarries, relics of a long forgotten civilization and of a renewed interest in the area’s natural and mineral resources.

A visit to the park also includes an exhibition of didactic panels that document the history of the Populonia area and its two necropolises.

Visitors can admire an enchanting view of the Gulf of Baratti by following the quarry path as far as the viewpoint.

Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia
Località Baratti
Piombino (Livorno), Italy
Tel. 0565 29002