Relais Santa Croce

Meet our Chef Fabrizio Innocenti

Chef Fabrizio Innocenti, from Cerreto Guidi, a small village close to Florence, grew up with a strong passion for cooking. A lover of traditional Tuscan recipes, his menus include modern interpretations of classic dishes such as Ribollita Bean Soup.
Spending his childhood in the countryside influenced his choice of products: surrounded by fresh produce, meats and homemade sausages, Chef Innocenti appreciates the importance of superior quality ingredients and the difference that they make to a dish.

After graduating, Chef Innocenti furthered his culinary knowledge in various countries, enriching his dishes with techniques and secrets coming from Asian countries in particular. Since visiting Japan, he has incorporated sushi and tempura into his cooking, which he mixes with Tuscan and Mediterranean recipes. However, his favorite dishes are the most simple and traditional ones, such as farro soup. In terms of desserts, he particularly likes to create his version of the English Trifle, an interpretation of desserts made by housemaids of the noble English families that particularly enjoyed staying in the Tuscan countryside. It is made with classical Cantuccini biscuits soaked in liqueur of the Medici: a perfect example of fusion between Tuscan tradition and international flavours.

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