Relais Santa Croce


For 6 people

Ribollita is a dish that comes from the typical soup of stale bread and vegetables that are traditionally prepared in some areas of Tuscany, particularly in the Plain of Pisa, in the area of Florence and Arezzo.
It is a typical “poor” dish of peasant origin, whose name comes from the fact that once the peasants used to cook a lot (especially on Fridays) and then was “seethed” in the pan in the following days. The name “Ribollita” comes from here, because the real soup is heated twice, otherwise it would be a trivial soup of bread and vegetables (not to be confused therefore with the bread soup).

gr. 400 Tuscan bread stale
gr. 400
gr. 400 Beans Black cabbage
gr. 700 Cabbage
gr. 300 Chard
gr. 500 Potatoes
gr. 400 Carrot
gr. 400 Celery
gr. 400 Zucchini
1 Porro
3 Onion
3 Garlic cloves
1 Timo Deck
gr. 50 Concentrated tomato
gr. 300 Tomatoes
Oil extraverg
Salt pepper


Cook the beans in 2 Lts of cold water for about 2 hours, passing the 3\4 and add to broth.

Clean the cut vegetables: the cabbage into strips while the swiss chard, sliced leeks, onion, zucchini and potatoes in nuts.

Brown the chopped onions in a pot with oil and, when withered, add the tomato paste diluted in water and then add all the vegetables starting with cabbage. Simmer for a few minutes then pour the tomatoes, then add the broth, beans and salt and simmer gently for about 1 hour, adding water if needed. At the end add the whole beans. Cut the bread into thin slices and put in the soup, cook for 5 minutes.

Leave overnight and boil the day after adding a little oil.