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Permanent Make-Up

Spiga 8 SPA in collaboration with Lisa Castaldi, offers from October 30, 2012


From America, in particular from Los Angeles and New York, the fashion of the extension lashes arrives to Italy.
You will have a more intense look with long thick lashes you’ve always dreamed of.


  • Eyebrows tattoo
  • Lip tint tattoo
  • Eyeliner tattoo
  • Upper and lower eyelids tattoo

This innovative and efficient treatment will allow you to be glamorous for every occasion.

For information and reservations:
T. +39 02 45473111 From monday to friday from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
E-mail: spa.carltonmilano@baglionihotels.com
Via della Spiga 8 – 20121 – Milan



Face Treatments

Cosmetic Lifting (1h)

This is a regenerative treatment with the support of innovative technology. The treatment will smooth small wrinkles, reduce marks, with the application of a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and antioxidant vitamins generating an amazing effect, visible from the first treatment.

Exceptional luxury anti-age treatment with Myrtle extracts and Hibiscus flowers (1h)

A rich and relaxing treatment born from Laura Elos experience, combined with extraordinary anti-ageing “Luxury Extra Rich Formula”. Two, face/neck and décolleté masks combined with a detoxifying and regenerative facial massage with “Luxury Anti-Ageing Cream” to stimulate and enrich the skin. Result: the facial contours are more defined, the wrinkles lessened and a new brightness to the skin.

Caviar Collagen anti-ageing treatment (1h 15 min)

A fabulous treatment with a special caviar collagen “veil-mask” and a gel composed of glycogen phosphate. This treatment is followed by a particular massage-methodology that gives profound moisture and a facial lift.

Hyaluronic treatment (50 min)

This is a super-moisturising and regenerating Hyaluronic Acid Treatment. A very effective treatment which immediately firms, gives silkiness and deep moisture to the face. What is specific to this kind of treatment is the concentration of active ingredients and the pureness of products that are used. In addition, Laura Elos’ method foresees a special massage skill to obtain toning features and well-defined facial contour.

Porcelain skin treatment with Collagen, Vitamin C and Hamamelis (50 min)
A very efficacious treatment for dark skin spots in order to improve your looks, thanks to a method which allows the active ingredients to penetrate into the heart of the hyper-pigmentation, giving a new facial brightness.

Intensive facial (50 min)

Intensive facial treatment with special peel-off masks with an anti-oxidizing action.
Mineralizing treatment: it’s an original and rich treatment with a special “tear musk” composed of a very precious red argil, specific for dry and non-sensitive skin.
Oxygenating treatment: a special “Tear Musk” with Ginco-Biloba extracts known for its Anti-Oxidizing proprieties.
Chocolate treatment: special “Tear Musk” with theobromine for atoning action.

Balance treatment for the beauty and wellness of sensitive skin (50 min)

This treatment is dedicated to light, delicate and sensitive skin against air pollution and stress. For this kind of skin, Laura Elos has thought of a specific treatment with pure botanic extracts (Bilberry, Witch Hazel, Ruscus, Horse Chestnut), in order to alleviate and to decongest the skin, giving back its precious properties of clearness and brightness.

Complete facial (50 min)

Deep-cleansing treatment with a special mask with clay and thermal water created for specific male needs, thanks to the action of precious mineral salts and pure active principles, this treatment gives a tonic and relaxed look after a busy day.



Specific Face Treatment

Eye repair and lip care treatment with Illipè butter (50 min)

A specific treatment for the delicate outline zone, realized with a toning and face-lift massage, with the use of a very precious cream with particular decongestive proprieties. Use of a specific mask to improve the effect.
An amazing treatment for the lip zone to stretch and minimize the small wrinkles. After, a lifting massage will give a tonic effect and exalting the lips’ color.

Neck-décolleté treatment (50 min)

This special treatment has been studied to have a perfect neck and décolleté, matching the massage with products with a very-high concentration of active ingredients. This treatment offers a seductive, toning and anti-age result.



Body Treatments

Special body exfoliating treatment “Four Seasons” (50 min)

A sensory experience to obtain a silky body through an exfoliating scrub with active natural principles, depending on the current seasons:
Spring: with Mimosa essence
Summer: with Mediterranean citrus fruits essence
Autumn: with must essence
Winter: with Calycanthus flower essence.

Thermal mud body treatment (1h 30min)

Treatment with thermal mud cream for a tonic, defined body with a personalized methodology, according to the different needs.
Reducing: treatment with mud cream with caffeine, marine oak and capsicum extracts
Modeling: treatment with mud cream with birch, ivy, asiatic Centella
Super Toning: (white mud) with mineral clays,Titania, white Bentonite
Energizing: (cold mud) with mud cream with Ruscus, Hamamelis, Horse Chestnut extracts
Chocolate Wellness: with Theobromine mud cream.

Remodeling-toning treatment with Caffeine and Carnitine (50 min)

A treatment of great efficacy that helps to fight skin imperfections thanks to a revolutionary formula, combining caffeine and carnitine with vegetal extracts and a massage to improve the micro-circulation and toning up the silhouette.

Brest-buttocks toning treatment (50 min)

A special peel-off mask with African Kigelia extracts gives a tensor effect. A vigorous toning massage follows with a very rich cream with active ingredients to reach a “push-up” effect.

Special legs – wellness leg method (50 min)

A super efficacy treatment for leg’s beauty to contrast swelling brought on the lymphatic stagnation. It starts with a deep scrub to eliminate toxins and skin thickening. Then, a massage with a special active-leg gel with vegetable extracts (Horse Chestnut, Ruscus, Red Grape Wine and Menthol). Legs are rolled up by means of special cold-soaked bandages with anti-cellulite vegetable extracts to strengthen the toning effects.

Intensive Spa feet treatment (50 min)

A manual stimulation on meridians to re-establish energy and balance, an exfoliation with wheat germ scrub. Then, a menthol mask and massage with a special cream with Cashmere wool protein.



Men’s Treatments

Thermal toning pack for scalp (50 min)

Thermal pack with mineral salts and with nettle and Horse Chestnut extracts. Then, an efficacious peel-off massage to re-establish energy and vitality to the capillary bulb.

Purifying back treatment (50 min)

Exfoliation with enzymatic butter with Bicarbonate and Lavender which purify with sweetness, followed by a massage with thermal white-mud mask to give a final smoothness, tonic result.



Day Spa Treatments

Spa day treatment foresees the use of every fitness equipments: Turkish bath, sauna, relax room with phytotherapy.

Remise en forme (3h)

  • Stem bath
  • Body scrub
  • Personalized anti-ageing face-body treatment
  • Feet-hand Spa treatment
  • Fitness program
  • Phytotherapy

Men relax (3h)

  • Menthol steam bath
  • Body scrub
  • Scalp thermal pack
  • Feet-hand Spa
  • Fitness program
  • Relaxing massage
  • Phytotherapy

Luxury program (4h)

  • Anti-ageing facial Deluxe treatment
  • Body exfoliation with flower scrub
  • Anti-ageing, re-shaping body treatment
  • Feet-hand Spa treatment
  • Phytotherapy

Thermal mud theraphy (3h)

  • Menthol steam bath
  • Wheat germ body scrub
  • Thermal mud cream patch
  • Revitalizing thermal mud water massage
  • Smoothing body massage with AHA (Alphahydroxyacids)

Relax yourself (3h)

  • Sauna / Turkish bath
  • Body Scrub
  • Massage
  • Specific facial treatment
  • Phytotherapy

Dedicated to you (3h)

  • Sauna / Turkish bath
  • Facial and body scrub
  • Specific facial and body treatment
  • Massage
  • Phytotherapy

Preparing for make up and jewels (3h)

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Hands and feet paraffin treatment
  • Specific facial treatment
  • Phytotherapy

Silky Skin (2h30min)

  • Turkish Bath
  • Body scrub
  • Depilation (legs, groin, armpits, arms)
  • Massage
  • Phytotherapy



Holistic Treatments

Queen massage (1h 30 min)

Massage for excellence that encompasses all major holistic techniques in a single treatment: performed with warm oils and perfume, acts on body, mind and spirit giving a state of quiet and wellness almost unreal.

Californian Massage (50 min)

A treatment that acts so amazing on brain activity, on the emotions and psyche, soul soothe and relax your mind. The use of an ointment and fluid movements and wrapping the body receives an extraordinary feeling of well-being accompanied by a state of extraordinary calm.

Hawaiano (Lomi-Lomi) (50 min)

It is a massage technique that was born in the Pacific Islands. An energy massage with oils, made with hands and forearms, which promotes the integration between body, mind and spirit. This rhythmic movements revitalize muscle mass and dissolving tensions of the body and away psychological stress with a beneficial relaxing effect. The heat of the massage improves circulation, articolar movements and metabolism. Hawaiian massage can be made 4 hands on request.

Plantar reflexology (50 min)

It deals with a stimulation technique of the foot’s sole in specific points called “Reflexes”. The principal aim is to relax this area from tensions, giving a promptly physical recovery.

Shiatsu massage
 (50 min)

It’s a manual treatment through “pressures” on the body, in order to give general energy and wellness.

Ayurveda massage (50 min)

It’s a very slow, relaxing massage that has its origin in India. It’s practiced with aromatic oil to give more energy to the body, removing toxins and daily tensions.

Lymphatic Drainage massage (1h 30)

Classic massage stimulating with lymphatic circulation that eliminats excess fluid in the tissues, reactivating the overall blood circulation and resolving problems related to a slow metabolism. The treatment purifies the body and relaxes the muscle fibers.

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