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Meet our Chef Stefano Impera

Meet our Chef Stefano Impera


Stefano Impera, from Sardinia, start his passion from early childhood watching his grandmother making their own pasta, conserve, bread and cookies.
He started working at the age of 13 during is catering college in Monza and afterwards he went to France to learn French techniques in Cannes. In 2002 Stefano moved to London and worked between the best Italian restaurants and hotels. He also worked for very high profile families as a private head chef. In 2010 during  his traveling stop in Sao Paulo for a few weeks internship at “D.O.M.” with Chef Alex Atala, were he grew interest for the culture of the country. Moving back to London he worked as a head chef for presigius Restaurant in London and helped the opening of “The Wellesley” Hotel.
In 2013 Stefano decide to move to Sao Paulo were he start to work at the renowned hotel “Emiliano”, then moved back to London in 2015 to start a new project as Executive Chef at the Baglioni Hotel London.

Signature dishes

  • Smoked octopus salad with herbs salad
  • Scallops ravioli with bottarga
  • Herb-crusted Wild sea bass with mashed leek and roasted asparagus

Menu contains seasonal organic ingredients from italians producers and offer authentic homemade dishes made daily

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