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Celebrate the 40th anniversary of Baglioni Hotels with “The Ruby”, the ultimate luxury cream by Luciano Sarzi Sartori, our Chef at Regina Hotel Baglioni Rome.

The Ruby Raspberry Meringue_2
(Cr. Massimo Ferrari)


The Ruby Raspberry Meringue

The Ultimate Luxury Cream

Egg white gr 50
Sugar gr 70
Powdered sugar gr 50

Beat the egg whites with the sugar, add the powdered sugar with a sieve, then put the dough
in a pastry bag and make small drops on the baking paper. Bake at 130°C
Cook for about 2 hours. (Add red food coloring to the meringue).

Eggs n. 2
Sugar gr 50
White flour gr 40
Cornmeal gr 10
Lemon zest gr 5

Beat the eggs with sugar until they become foamy then add the lemon zest and with a sieve the white flour and the cornmeal, then mix slowly.
Spread the dough on a plate previously buttered reaching a thickness of 5mm.
Cook for 10 min at 180°C then let it cool and cut it using a round shaper.

Raspberry puree gr 100
Isinglass gr 5
Cream gr 180
Water gr 12
Sugar gr 50
Egg white gr 30

Cook 40 gr of sugar and water and bring to 121°C, then pour it over the egg white while whisking it
in a mixer with 10 gr of sugar.
Heat a part of the raspberry puree and add isinglass previously soaked in cold water and drained, combine the remaining pulp and set aside.
Whip the cream in the mixer; when the meringue is ready, add raspberry sauce and finally the cream

Place the mousse powder in the container and let it cool at 5/6 ° C for 2 hours.
Crush the meringue and pour over the mousse a thin layer. Place the drops of meringue and placed aside the biscuit.

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