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Horniman Museum & Gardens

Located in London’s Forest Hill, the Horniman Museum & Garden is one of the largest museums in the United Kingdom, and is dedicated to the arts and cultures of the world.

In all, it houses around 350,000 objects from 5 continents, in 3 main collections.

The World Cultures collection brings together around 80,000 everyday and ceremonial objects from American, Asian, European, Australian and African cultures.

The Natural History collection comprises around 250,000 objects linked to zoology, botany, anthropology, palaeontology and geology and examines the global evolution of planet Earth from an environmentalist standpoint.

Finally, The Musical Instruments collection has instruments from around the world, enhanced by sound and video recordings.

As well as a tourist itinerary, the Horniman Museum is an absolute must for all those with an interest in discovering and getting to know the cultures of the world with an unusual contemporary and ecological approach, far from the colonial, Eurocentric mentality that continues to characterise large part of the ethnographic and natural history museums to this day.

Horniman Museum & Gardens
100 London Rd, Forest Hill
SE23 3PQ London
+44(0)20 8699 1872