Baglioni Hotel London


Considered one of the best known concept bars in London, on the scene already for quite a few years, Detroit, in Covent Garden, has maintained its charm unchanged over the years.

Once the heavy metal doors have been passed the spiral staircase winds its way into the locale, which is entirely underground.

Behind the long bar some of the finest cocktails in London are served. Those who prefer to have their drink chatting with the bartender or other patrons will be perfectly comfortable on the space-age style stools lined up along the bar, whilst those who are looking for a bit more privacy, alone or with company, will find the discrete booths around the room more suitable.

The background music is always carefully selected with a preference for retro or funky sound: right in line with the bar’s style.

The liveliest evenings are on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

35 Earlham St
London WC2H 9LD – UK
Tel. +44 020 7240 2662