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Culinary philosophy

Healthy cuisine which doesn’t compromise on pleasure

Healthy cuisine which doesn’t compromise on pleasure

Delicious gourmet offerings served à la carte are a delight for the eyes and the tastebuds. Thanks to the excellent quality of raw materials with the scrupulous care to develop a food education map in accordance with a correct and healthy lifestyle, the culinary offer expertly combines elements of tradition and innovation, with notes of freshness and creativity.

Breakfast. A reawakening of age-old flavours

Breakfast. A reawakening of age-old flavours

To help you begin every day in delicious style, Baglioni Hotel Luna partners with gourmet experts to find and select strictly the finest local products for your table. Our array of sweet and savoury buffet dishes proudly tells the story of the local area and its artisans.

19:02 Ferrari Time - Aperitivo Italiano

19:02 Ferrari Time - Aperitivo Italiano

Savour the quintessence of Italian culture: making good company into an occasion. Aperitivo Italiano represents this tradition at its finest. Experience it in our elegant Caffè Baglioni from 19:02. Raise a glass of the world’s favourite Italian bollicine, served with our selection of traditional delicacies.

Lunch and Dinner. Cuisine becomes a work of art.

Lunch and Dinner. Cuisine becomes a work of art.

The chef’s creations are expressed through the innovative à la carte menu, a combination of traditional Venetian cuisine with a modern twist.


A variety of authentic local aromas and flavours, from the bread, made with natural sourdough starter and wholemeal spelt or maize flour, to the cheeses, a paean to Italy’s diverse dairy heritage.


Dishes to restore your natural balance, courtesy of top-quality products made in healthy, environmentally friendly ways, like our gluten- and allergen- free slow-roasted ham.


Sweet and savoury creations to give you just the right amount of energy, with cereals and walnuts served with organic yogurt, jams and preserves made with at least 70% fresh fruit, and fresh, slow-cooked scrambled eggs.


Products made with traditional methods, to immerse you in the gastronomic heritage of Venice and its region.

The unique value of our characteristic local specialities

The unforgettable Italian touch.
We select only superior-quality ingredients for our dishes. We bring you our country’s unique and priceless culinary heritage in partnership with Italy’s leading quality food producers.

Panificio Ezio Marinato

Bread the way it used to taste.

Agraria Riva del Garda

An excellent oil with a local story to tell.

Sorgente del gusto

Fresh trout, from the river to your table.