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Egg yolk tagliolini with black tuscan kale, mazara shrimps, delicate lime and flower sauce

Ingredients for 2 people:

5.65 oz durum wheat flour
8 egg yolks
0.2 oz extra virgin olive oil
6 red shrimps
4 leaves of black Tuscan kale
Peel of one lime
2.1 oz dairy cream
6 primroses


Knead the flour with the egg yolks and the oil. Let rest for an hour, then cut the pasta to make tagliolini, leaving the dough slightly thick in order to have a “big” tagliolino. Prepare the lime sauce, steeping its peel in the cream until it reaches 80°and slightly salt it. Sear for one minute the black Tuscan kale leaves, cut them in stripes and brown them with oil, together with the red shrimps. Cook the tagliolini and stir them into the sauce, adding a splash of the pasta water to loosen. Compose the dish first with the lime sauce, then lay the pasta and garnish with flowers julienne strips.

Canova Restaurant Baglioni Hotel Luna, Venice