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Seabass Cubes, Potatoes Cream and Saltwort

Ingredients for 2 people:

600 g seabass
150 g Dutch potatoes
50 g glasswort
1 onion
½ leek
50 g. celery
1 g squid ink
Extra virgin olive oil q.s.

Method for 1 person

Fillet the seabass removing all scales and fishbones (with the help of tweezers). Heat the oven to 200° and toast the fishbones, then place them inside a pot with water, ice, 1 white onion, ½ leek, celery; boil for 20 minutes. Clean the potatoes and cut them into cubes. Brown them in a pan and simmer with the seabass broth. Bring to a boil, add salt to taste and blend until creamy. Scald the glasswort in some hot water. Cool some seabass broth, add some squid ink and blend it, whisking it with extra virgin olive oil. Season the seabass cut into cubes with oil and salt, place it on a non-stick pan on the fish skin. Light the fire and cook.


Garnish the plate with a few lines of the squid ink emulsion, then put some potatoes cream; place the seabass cubes and the glasswort. Finish with some glasswort powder previously dried and blended.