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70% black chocolate, Amedei selection in three consistencies: semifreddo, crumble and puffed chocolate


For the chocolate semifreddo:
Eggs yolk 100 gr
Eggs 30 gr
Sugar 60 gr
Water 60 gr
Dark chocolate 190 gr
Whipped cream 450 gr


Cook the sugar with water at 121°, whisk the eggs, melt the chocolate and whip the cream.
Add the cooked sugar in the whipped eggs, pour the melted chocolate and let cool by adding the cream.
Put into molds and freeze.

Ingredients for the puffed chocolate:
200gr melted and tempered dark chocolate, 70 gr of rice oil, emulsiy and put into a siphon.
Siphon into a container and break down.

Ingredients for the chocolate and almond crumble:
100 gr of butter, 40 gr of corn flour, 150 gr of white flour, 40 gr of cocoa, 100 gr of chopped almonds not peeled, 100 gr of sugar, 2 egg yolks and 30 gr of brandy.


Melt the butter with the rest of the ingredients ,keep in refrigerator for 30 minutes, crumble the mixture on an oiled tray and bake at 170° for 15 minutes.
Allow to cool and cut into chunks.
Place the semifreddo on a plate, add the puffed chocolate pieces and the crumble, decorate with berries and vanilla sauce.

Chocolate dessert Brunello Restaurant Rome