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Ravioli stuffed with Roman artichoke, potatoes and snapper on peas creamy sauce and clams emulsion


Eggs 0,5
Semolina flour 80 gr
Potatoes 850 gr
Snapper 450 gr
Fresh peas 20 gr
Veraci clams 140 gr
Butter 20 gr


To prepare the pasta
0.5 eggs, flour 00 500 gr, salt, extra virgin olive oil 30gr. Mix all ingredients with a mixer or by hand by placing the flour, adding the eggs and the oil, achieving a smooth dough, leave 30 minutes to cool.

For the stuffing
Cut the potatoes and artichokes into cubes, glaze shallots and cook adding fish or vegetable stock, add the chopped snapper cut into piece and , cook about 10 minutes. Season with salt and add chopped herbs (parsley and marjoram, cool and mix with 50 gr of ricotta cheese. Put the filling in the sac a poches. Roll out the pastry, brush with beaten egg yolk, put the stuffing and cover with a second lay of pasta, shape the ravioli with the proper mould..

For the cream of peas
Blanch the peas in salted water, add 30 gr shallots, drain and leave some cooking water, mix with 40 gr of extra virgin olive oil, pass through a small colander. Keep some whole peas for the garnish.

Clams emulsion
Drain the clams with water and salt, let them open in a pan with a clove of garlic, parsley stems and add with a glass of white wine. Filter the water of the clams, add the oil and emulsify to reach a creamy consistency. Keep the clams for the garnish.

Cook the ravioli in salted water, drain and place in a pan with butter and little cooking water. Arrange them on the plate, add the peas crea and, the clams emulsion, decorate with fresh herbs, edible flowers, oil and the clams meat.

Gourmet culinary dish at Brunello Restaurant of Baglioni Hotel Regina Rome