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Roasted octopus with celery, cherry tomatoes, onions and cucumber salad on basil cream

INGREDIENTS (One portion)

Octopus 180 gr
Red tomatoes 40 gr
Cucumbers 30 gr
Red Onion 30 gr
Sandwich bread 40gr
Basil 30gr
Datterini tomatoes 50 gr


Boil the octopus in water for 5 minutes at 100 °, lower the heat and cook slowly without boiling for about 40 minutes so that the octopus remains compact and purplish.
Let it cool in its cooking water and then cut the tentacles.

For the garnishment

For tomato emulsion: blend cherry tomatoes with oil and a little ice, filter through a small colander.

For the basil cream: blanch and cool the basil and emulsify with olive oil and a little ice.

Candied tomatoes: peel datterini tomatoes and cook in oven at 80° for about 2 hours with brown sugar, lemon, basil and a drizzle of oil.

Cucumber: cut into slices with a potato peeler and roll.

Red onion: slice and bake with sugar and vinegar.

Homemade bread chips: dry the sliced bread at 70° for 30 minutes.


Brown the octopus in a pan with herbs.
Arrange on a dish with the emulsions and decorate with edible flowers, herbs and a little extra virgin olive oil.

Gourmet culinary dish at Brunello Restaurant of Baglioni Hotel Regina Rome