Relive the splendour of Carnival in real Venetian style! Choose your costume, throw yourself into the glittering masked balls and make your stay in Venice even more unforgettable. Thanks to its timeless charm for centuries, the Carnival in Venice is considered the most important Carnival in Europe and one of the best known in the whole world.

Since its origin, during the Carnival period, the activities and affairs of the Venetians faded into the background, and they spent the majority of their time celebrating, having fun, jokes, entertainment and events that were set up throughout the city, and in the mansions of the magnificent Venetian palaces harbored grandiose and long parties with sumptuous masked balls.

The historical Baglioni Hotel Luna, just a few steps from St. Mark’s Square, is waiting for you to experience the ancient splendour and the long time traditions of the Venice Carnival.




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