“…Italians are famous all over the world for expressing themselves not just with words but also with gestures. Often, only with gestures.” – said the Italian artist and designer Bruno Munari.

As true ambassador of the Italian art of hospitality, Baglioni Hotels & Resorts recently introduced an authentic Italian-style welcome. During their stay all guests will have the chance to experience Italianness first-hand through elegant, funny and useful gifts.
At time of arrival they will be greeted with a small dictionary containing the most renowned Italian gestures, their meaning and the circumstances of use, along with useful Italian words on Music, Art, Cuisine, Architecture, Greetings and Wishes.
In addition, every evening before dinner, a signature recipe created by the Baglioni Chefs will be placed in all guests’ rooms, to make them discover the secrets of the Italian cuisine.
During their stay, in a relaxing atmosphere, guests will also learn more on the Italian coffee ritual. There are 50 (or possibly more) ways to order coffee in Italy. Guests will taste some of the prepared coffees that Italians order frequently.
As a final Italian touch and wish to come back, a sweet farewell (“Dolce Ritorno”) will be offered at time of check out.