Baglioni Hotel Marrakech

Architecture – Patrick Genard

Architecture – Patrick Genard

“The goal for me is always the same, the integration between the best of the tradition and the best of the modernity.”

Patrick Genard runs an international architectural practice with offices in three countries and commissions from all over
the world.

Patrick is working on several projects in North Africa and has completed many successful buildings in Morocco since falling in love with the country 25 years ago.

Patrick is particularly adept at integrating the European modernist lineage with local architectural vernacular, as is evident from his beautifully conceived masterplan.

A fervent admirer of Islamic architecture calling it “fantastic, human, organic”, Patrick drew his inspiration for The Baglioni Marrakech from an ancient castle community in the Moroccan desert.

As well as traditional Moroccan motifs, Patrick has created an uncluttered modern design that makes full use of light, space and colour.

Patrick is interested in the intersection of heritage and modernity, a place where two contrasting aesthetics meet to create an
entity that is entirely new.

The Baglioni Marrakech perfectly illustrates this with strong, volumetric Moroccan exteriors and intimate, sophisticated, modernist interiors.

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