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maldivian coral reef restoration

The coral reefs in the Maldives are recognised as one of the most beautiful underwater spectacles in the world. This colourful piece of paradise can be found in the Dhaalu Atoll. The reef completely surrounds the island with its lush vegetation and the sea in a thousand shades of blue, making our luxury beach resort in Maldives truly enchanting.

The team of marine biologists at Maagau Dive Centre work to grow endangered species of corals to boost existing reef habitats and generate new ones. Our resident marine biologists are taking an active part in the restoration drives by funding regeneration activities or directly helping in the activity.

Coral reefs are at risk because of multiple stressors such as overfishing, pollution and climate change. You can support the project by adopting a coral fragment, sponsoring a coral frame with a personalized tag or participating in other initiatives related to the project.

These will include: diving with marine biologist, house reef snorkelling and educational activities on topics for kids and teenagers, informative marine-life presentations by our resident marine biologists, offered 2 days a week.

As Baglioni Resort Maldives, we believe in the importance of safeguarding coral reefs, and only through knowledge of the threats to its integrity and concrete commitment by all will it be possible to limit the damage to this fantastic ecosystem. To protect you must first love, to love you must first know.

If you want to know more about this important initiative, our expert marine biologists are always ready to access you with every information.