Baglioni Resort Maldives



DISCOVER MALDIVES: a visit to the local village of Ribhodhoo, the island of the goldsmiths, for a glimpse of the Maldivian way of life. An ancient legend says that, hundreds of years ago, an old goldsmith of the Sultan that was exiled on this island transferred his art to the inhabitants. This is the reason why on Ribhodhoo the goldsmith’s art has greatly developed

TRADITIONAL SUNSET FISHING: the beauty of a glorious sunset matched with the fun fishing! Our experienced crew will take guests to their best fishing spots and help them to catch the next day’s dinner

OCEAN SUNSET: a relaxing and romantic cruise in the Indian Ocean enjoying a beautiful sunset

ROMANTIC STARGAZING CRUISE: a unique excursion to experience the beauty of a clear Maldivian evening, where the night sky is simply bursting with millions of glittering stars and there is no light pollution

BBQ FISHING DINNER (min. 2 pax): a unique experience, that matches the glorious Maldivian sunset with fun of the traditional fishing and a lovely dinner on board. Our experienced Dhoni crew will take guests to their best fishing spots and help them to catch todays’ dinner. Grilled fish will be served on board with a selection of delicious picnic specialties from the Chef

MALDIVES DISCOVER CRUISE (max. 6 pax): a private experience to spend few hours or an half day for a relaxing cruise, doing snorkelling, fishing, dolphin adventure, visiting a local village or a sandbank island

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