Baglioni Hotel Carlton

Customisable spaces

Customisable spaces

Located in the most attractive and sophisticated part of the city, the neoclassical hotel building presents its elegant spaces:

  • The Baglioni Terrace, with views over a jasmine garden, boasts contemporary furniture, led waterfall and black and white portraits of jazz musicians.
    The Baglioni Terrace and Caffè Baglioni are e suitable for the bride and groom’s welcome cocktails or for a wedding buffet lunch, as is in current vogue.
  • The private Spiga Terrace on the hotel’s third floor overlooks the famous Via della Spiga and boasts wonderful rooftop views of Milan. With its contemporary furnishings, stylish bar counter, sofas and tables, this spacious, open-air space seats up to 70 people, making it the ideal venue for an innovative, informal wedding.
  • The hotel’s Sala Senato is also available for those who prefer a traditional wedding dinner: lavish period wall mirrors, a marble fireplace and majestic crystal chandeliers recreate the atmosphere of times gone by.
    The restaurant’s dedicated pantry, with direct access from the kitchen, makes it suitable for any type of catering service or specific requirements.

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