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I Navigli

Crossed by the Navigli, a complex network of canals, some of which are navigable, Milan is also a city of water.

Just move away from the city centre and towards the vast green belt that surrounds Milan and you will discover a rich countryside furrowed by water courses that for centuries have supplied water to the fields and farmlands and which connect the suburbs of Milan.

A small fleet of river vessels operate interesting canal trips on these waterways, allowing visitors to discover an aspect of Milan that for many is completely unknown.

Canal trips include the Itinerario delle Conche (Basin Itinerary), which explores the ancient basins left behind by the barges that once supplied goods and foodstuffs to ancient Milan and the Itinerario delle Delizie (Itinerary of Delights), which crosses two of Milan’s parks – Parco del Ticino and Parco Agricolo Sud Milano – through lush countryside and eighteenth century villas.

The Itinerario della Martesana (Martesana Itinerary) travels through the territory of the Ecomuseo Adda di Leonardo ecomuseum, an association whose purpose is raising environmental awareness and environmental sustainability, while the Itinerario del Parco del Ticino (Ticino Park Itinerary) is a river trip through wonderful countryside and ancient villages along the ‘via dei marmi’ (marble route), the network of waterways used as early as the fourteenth century to transport blocks of marble from the famous Candoglia quarries from Lago Maggiore to Milan for the construction of Milan Cathedral.

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