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Peck, Milan

Peck in Milan has been synonymous with fine food since 1883. Located in Via Spadari, just off the extremely central Via Torino, it is an enormous space covering 3300 square metres where only select, high quality foods are packaged under the Peck brand name and then magnificently displayed.

The gigantic kitchen continuously delivers dishes and trays to the delicatessen counters, where the eyes can feast on exquisite pâtés, lobster Bellevue, roasts, salads, hand-made pasta, tortelli, gnocchi and all sorts of other delights.

The cheese department stocks the best Italian and foreign produce and the same applies to the cold meat counter, which only stocks products with the DOP and IGP quality seals.

Fresh foods also abound: fruit, vegetables and fish are always elegantly presented with impeccable care.

In the basement is the cellar, boasting more than 5,000 wines from all over the world, while an exclusive bar is located on the second floor.

Via Spadari, 9
20123 Milan - Italy
Tel. +39 02 8023161