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Rita Cocktail Bar, Milan

Tucked away in an alley between Porta Ticinese and the Alzaia del Naviglio Grande in Milan, Rita is a tiny restaurant that, despite its size, is an absolute must for cocktail enthusiasts.

An alternative to trendier and more crowded places in Milan, this is the perfect place to sip your drink in peace and quiet without having to elbow your way to the bar and where you can ask the expert and courteous barmen for suggestions.

The regulars recommend that customers leave themselves in the expert hands of the barman, after giving him a vague indication of what they’re after, who will then prepare just the right drink under your very eyes.

It seems that satisfaction is guaranteed.

Cocktails are accompanied by a sweet and savoury mix of appetizers and tartlets.

via A. Fumagalli, 1
Milan - Italy
Tel. +39 028 372 865