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La Malmaison

An exclusive restaurant in Milan’s Via Comune Antico, La Malmaison takes its name from Napoleon’s favourite residence.

With four tables, candlelight, gold-plated dishes, silver cutlery, fine curtains, memorabilia from all corners of the globe and a charming indoor garden, La Mailmaison seats a total of 28 people.

Mailmaison specialises in seafood dishes, with carefully selected ingredients and meticulous presentation.

Red Mazara del Vallo prawns, Wild smoked salmon of own production, Bay of Biscay anchovies, Iranian Caviar, Scarlet shrimps, Deep-sea lobster and fifteen or so different varieties of Oysters are just a few of the ingredients used to create the unique dishes featuring on the menu.

The wine list boast around 150 select labels from Italy, France, New Zealand and Spain, including prestigious vintages and reserves, plus a wide variety of spirits and liqueurs.

Reservations for this temple of Taste must be made several days in advance.

La Malmaison
Via Comune Antico, 27
20125 Milan – Italy
Tel. +39 02 67101302