Baglioni Hotel Carlton


With three historical shops in the centre of MilanPreattoni is a synonym of refinement and quality as far as shaving accessories are concerned, as well as articles for wine waiters and smokers.

Four generations of the Preattoni family have selected products by companies and craftsmen of “elegant usefulness”. No frills, but commonly used objects that can combine quality, duration and beauty.

Here you can find all the best shaving articles. Brushes, lotions, creams and balsams, razors and accessories, as well as professional scissors for tailors and barbers.

Furthermore, you can find table articles and leisure items, such as: professional knives, bottle coolers, drop savers, corkscrews, distillation stills and accessories for smokers: cigar cutters, snuffboxes and accessories for the care and cleaning of tobacco pipes, as well as exclusive articles for left-handed customers.

Via della Spiga 52
20121 Milano – Italia
Tel. +39 02 76001059