Baglioni Hotel London

Culinary philosophy

The very English ritual of afternoon tea meets the flavours of Italy.

To experience the ritual of Afternoon Tea with a unique Italian twist, just take a seat at our table from 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm. Featuring the best herbal and traditional teas, accompanied by tasty savoury dishes such as homemade sandwiches and rolls or a selection of cakes and pastries from our bakery, including the famous “Sicilian cannoli with ricotta” and “Neapolitan sfogliatelle”.

Aperitivo Italiano

Savour the quintessence of Italian culture: making good company into an occasion. Aperitivo Italiano represents this tradition at its finest. Experience it in our elegant Brunello Bar from 19:02. Raise a glass of the world’s favourite Italian bollicine, served with our selection of traditional delicacies.