Baglioni Hotel Carlton

Our cuisine

A Gourmet experience designed down to the tiniest detail.

Our great care in the choice of seasonal ingredients and recipes ensures that the pleasure of the senses blends with the importance of healthy eating for our wellbeing. Every moment of the day is designed to be a wonderful journey into food created by a team of experts,respecting all the traditions and the best produce from our country.

Culinary philosophy

Breakfast. Taste, energy and wellbeingfor an excellent start to the day.

Breakfast has been created in collaboration with the University of Gastronomie Sciences in Pollenzo, an internationally reputed research centre associateci with the Slow Food movement. Experts have devised a format divided into 4 food journeys, each with its own menu.


Wholesome and simple dishes conceived to bring back to the table the taste of a bygone era that pays homage to typical loca I dishes. A notable example of this is the “Pancott”, made with sta le or dry bread that is soaked and boiled in meat broth with Grana Padano DOP shavings sprinkled on top.


A menu designed to achieve harmony with the world, restoring a balance with nature using vegeta bi es, fresh fruit and juices, which will give you an energised and purified sensation at the start of your day.


A menu that brings to the table the trends of21 st century gastronomy with dishes that go beyond the traditional barriers of taste and consistency, such as sweet and savoury, crispy and soft.


A journey inspired by the traditional continental breakfast with dishes that represent the value of hospitality, such as sweet crepes filled with gianduia chocolate cream or jam.

When lightness is delicious.

A Healthy Menu that nourishes and purifies your body. We avoid adding processed industriai products to our dishes and opt for foods rich in antioxidants, fibre, protein and healthy fats, mostly with low gluten content.

Il Baretto al Baglioni restaurant

Milan’s most chic clubhouse. A historic Milanese landmark, Il Baretto is the place to be for Milanese jetsetters, the meeting point for all VIPs before opening night at Teatro La Scala. Ideal for fine dining in the atmosphere of an early 20th-Century English clubhouse.

The unique value of our Country's produce.

We dress our dishes using only superior quality ingredients. We have forged partnerships with major Italian producers who are prominent in the food world to convey the unique value of products Made in Italy.

Antico Frantorio Muraglia

From Antico Frantorio Muraglia comes a 100% Italian oil whose goodness is centuries-old.

Riserva del Mare

Riserva del Mare: the onlly European salt that can boast a Protected Geographical Indication and a Slow Food Praesidium.

Il Borgo del Balsamico

Il Borgo del Balsamico: a jewel of Italian gastronomy.