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“Elena Cutolo ON THE MOVE” at Caffè Baglioni in Milan

“Elena Cutolo ON THE MOVE” at Caffè Baglioni in Milan

From the month of February until the upcoming Salone del Mobile, a new chapter of the project “DESIGN THE ITALIAN EXCELLENCE” curated by Vincenzo Basile, is coming to Baglioni Hotel Carlton.

A selection of vases and objects in Limited Edition, unique pieces and prototypes created in various materials and forms which depict in the best possible way the research of Elena Cutolo, an Italian designer and architect that for six years worked together with Maestro Ettore Sottsass on his projects of product design.

The exhibition also includes six aluminum vases from the Festa Mobile collection, started in 2014 thanks to Elena Cutolo’s collaboration with the editor Valentina Fontana. The vases are a fantastic example of feminine creativity in which they both knew how to perfectly spouse prime raw materials, forms and colours.

Strictly Made in Italy, each of the six colourful vases from the Festa Mobile collection is dedicated to famous Parisian places of the ’20s, frequented by Ernest Hemingway, the author of the novel “Festa Mobile”.



“Elena Cutolo ON THE MOVE”
Project Design The Italian Excellence
by Vincenzo Basile for Baglioni Hotels
February / March 2017

Baglioni Hotel Carlton
Caffè Baglioni
Via Senato 5, Milan