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Happy Birthday Baglioni London.

Happy Birthday Baglioni London.

2004-2014: 10 years of authentic Italian hospitality in the heart of London.

After the exclusive celebrations on 28th May at Clubino Piano Bar to celebrate Baglioni Hotel Londons 10th Anniversary the celebrations were not over.

On 10th September Carlton Hotel Baglioni, Milan, hosted a British-themed party in the recently refurbished Caffè Baglioni. Guests enjoyed a London-Milan interpretation of the famous Pimm’s cocktail on the Terazza Baglioni overlooking Via Senato and the beautiful garden.

In 2004 the Polito family decided to expand and brought the famous Arte del Ricevere to the heart of London. This was a big step and marked a turning point in the collection’s design concept.

Baglioni Hotel London’s style represented a new image for the brand, creating an elegant, less formal atmosphere while still using fine details and sophisticated materials.

In 10 years, Baglioni Hotel London has had many great achievements. It has become well-established and is the first choice of many VIPs – not only business people, but also families and young couples who appreciate its Italian style and atmosphere as well as the Mediterranean cuisine and unforgettable views over Hyde Park and Kensington Palace.

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